... helping our children become better learners!

Individual Subscriptions

If you have only one child that you want to put on our COM system then this option would be your subscription choice.


The subscription fee is $15.00 USD per month, no contract and no minimum time period.

Family Subscriptions

Many of our subscribers are homeschool families that want to put more than one child on our COM system, so this is for you!!


First, you must register for the Family Subscription. The fee for that is $25.00 per month and that is all that you pay. This includes membership for up to four children. In addition to the individual memberships for each child, you also get an Administration Module to keep track of it all.


Second, once you have subscribed to the Family Subscription, email or call us to provide us the names and birth dates of the children you want to enroll. That's all there is to it! No contract and no minimum time period.


If you would rather, just call us and we will set the whole thing up for you. Do you have more than 4 children? Call us at 317-257-9672.

Professional Subscriptions

(i.e. schools, clinical settings, learning centers, researchers)

Call or email us to discuss your situation and we can work up a package that will suit your needs!

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